Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 / 2010 Season


First of all I would like to extend to you, a very warm welcome and thank you for choosing to join Collegiate Swimming Club.

Our club is one of the oldest in Southland with a very proud history extending towards 80 years and we welcome all new swimmers and their families.

Collegiate Swimming Club offers tuition to young swimmers right across the swimming spectrum.
We provide learn to swim classes for the beginner right through to advanced training for the competitive swimmers. We also cater for those who swim purely as a recreational pursuit.

This leaflet is designed as an introduction and guide for new club members, however please feel free to contact myself or any member of our Club Committee, should you have any queries or problems.

I trust your association with the Collegiate Swimming Club will be a pleasurable one.

Yvonne McDonald President


Initial enquiries should be directed to the Club Membership Secretary, Tracey Tyler, telephone number Telephone: 03-2033388 (home) 0275164168 (mobile).

It is advisable to contact the club as early as possible as there is often a waiting list for new swimmers wanting to join.

You will be contacted with further details when the club is able to accommodate your child in an appropriate swimming group.

Collegiate holds its regular club swimming nights on Wednesday evenings commencing at 6.00pm continuing through to 7.30pm. Actual start times for each swimmer may vary and is dependent upon each swimmer’s ability. In the learners pool sessions last for 30 minutes and in the main pool sessions last for 45 minutes.


Splash Palace, Southland Aquatic Centre
Elles Road, Invercargill

Coaching sessions for the more competent and advanced swimmers are conducted in the main pool while learn to swim classes are held in the learners pool.

2009 / 2010SEASON:

Season Commences: Wed 2nd September 2009
Season Finishes: Wed 5th May 2010

Swimming Club is suspended during School and Christmas Holidays and recommences when children return to School. Exact dates are notified to swimmers during the year.


One Child $85.00
Two Children $140.00
Three Children $180.00

An additional $30.00 surcharge for each competitive swimmer will apply and 50% of all carnival meet entries.

A pool admission fee at a reduced rate of $1.80 is also payable at the main entrance. Be sure to advise pool staff that entry is required for a Collegiate Club swimmer.


After entry you should report to the club ‘check in’ desk at poolside where you will be directed to an appropriate coach for assessment of your child’s swimming ability.

Adrienne Pope
Head Coach
Learners Pool

Cameron Murphy
Head Coach
Main Pool

After this assessment your child will be assigned to an appropriate group comprising of swimmers at a similar competency level. You will then be advised of the group start time for future club nights.
Your child will advance through the groups as their swimming progresses. Advancement to the main pool is achieved after attaining 50 metres (at required standard.)
[You should be aware that our club sometimes uses some of our advanced swimmers (secondary school age) to assist in the learners pool. This is done in the interests of safety and is always carried out in the presence of the Head Coach or another suitably qualified coach.]


· Please be on time.
· Have your children ready with goggles adjusted correctly.
· Swim caps will be provided by the club and must be worn each club night.
· Parent & coaching assistance is always welcome with our club offering to assist coaches with their training and further development.